We have always used Access with ASP and never had any real problems with it. Recently we stepped up to MS SQL Server 2000 and have been having a few strange problems.<BR><BR>(1) From time to time when a record is updated, another record in the same table would be mysteriously updated by SQL Server using the same data! This is a serious problem, and it has happened in more than one database and more than one table.<BR><BR>(2) Data returned in recordsets are oftentimes lost, even though we _always_ stuff them into local variables (var1=objRec("var1"), var2=objRec("var2"), etc) before we do anything with them. The funniest part is that depending on the order in which the data are stuffed, different data would get lost. Which means if we experiment with the stuffing order long enough, all data would eventually arrive intact. Which is ridiculous.<BR><BR>Can anyone shed some light on these? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.