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    I am in the process of transfering data from a Delimiter Database to a Access Database. I can get it to transfer the data but a lot of it is not beig moved over. Most of the missing data ia non-place holding zeros and letters when placed in front of numbers (abc1202). If anyone knows how to solve the problem let me know<BR><BR>Matt

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    If you are losing letters in front of numbers (your example, abc1202) then it sounds like you haven&#039;t set the type of the receiving field to TEXT instead of numeric. You just have to fiddle with the input process more, changing field types "by hand" as needed.<BR><BR>Access isn&#039;t too bright about distinguishing between numeric and text fields when you don&#039;t have &#039;...&#039; or "..." surrounding the text fields. But it will let you change the field types one by one if you play with it. <BR><BR>There&#039;s no easy solution here; you just have to fiddle until you get it.<BR><BR>You *might* find it easier to write a program (e.g., in ASP?) that would read the text file and write to the DB. One advantage there is that you get to setup the table schema ahead of time.<BR><BR>Hmmm...come to think of that, can&#039;t you do that even in the Access import process?? I don&#039;t think I&#039;ve ever done it, but it might work. <BR><BR>

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