I&#039;m having trouble with cookies on my site. I&#039;m trying to set a cookie with the users first name, last name, and a random number on the client machine. I set the Response.Expires property to one month from now by using Dateadd("m",1,now()). <BR><BR>It seems that the cookies are being set (I set my browser to prompt me when they&#039;re set). It seems to work fine when I go to another site and then return (the cookies are read in fine). However, when I close the browser entirely after visiting my site(and setting the cookies) and then reopen Internet Explorer and visit my site, the cookies are not found. What could be causing this???? <BR>Here&#039;s how I set the cookies: <BR><BR>Response.Cookies("zuserinfo")("fname") = varfname<BR>Response.Cookies("zuserinfo")("lname") = varlname<BR>Response.Cookies("zuserinfo")("zrand") = varzrand<BR>Response.Cookies("zuserinfo").expires = dateadd("m",1,now())<BR><BR>