I have this js validation in my asp page it is working fine with top two if blocks but when I check it for third elseif block it always show me the alert even though the length of the field is 10 or 13 digits and it make the alert window false<BR>any ideas why...<BR><BR>function validation(){<BR> if <BR> ( document.LocateCust.AcctNum.value.length == "" &&<BR> document.LocateCust.PhoneNum.value.length == "" &&<BR> document.LocateCust.LastName.value.length == "" ) <BR> { alert("Please enter an Account Number, a Home Telephone Number, or a Last Name.")<BR> return false;<BR> } <BR> <BR> <BR> else if (<BR> document.LocateCust.LastName.value.length != "" &&<BR> document.LocateCust.MarketId.selectedIndex == 0 ) <BR> { alert("Please select a Market ID.");<BR> return false<BR> }<BR> else if (<BR> document.LocateCust.AcctNum.value.length != "" &&<BR> document.LocateCust.AcctNum.length != 10 && document.LocateCust.AcctNum.length != 13 <BR> )<BR> { <BR> <BR> alert("Please enter a valid 13 digit Account Number or a valid 10 digit Mobile Telephone Number."); <BR> return false; <BR> } <BR> <BR><BR><BR> else <BR> {<BR> document.LocateCust.action = "customerinfo.asp"<BR> document.LocateCust.submit();<BR> }<BR><BR>}<BR>