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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I am having trouble with relational DB coding. I have a table tblUsers with a field &#039;NameID&#039; and a field &#039;LastName&#039;. I also have another table tblHours in which I store how many hours a certain NameID has worked on a given project. So both tables have the same field "NameID"<BR><BR>How can I combine the two tables. I want to show that Mister "LastName" has worked "SoManyHours". <BR><BR>Thanx for helping me out!<BR><BR>Wilbert

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Select TblUsers.LastName, TblHours.Hours from TblUsers Inner Join on TblHours.NameId = TblUser.NameId

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    There could be a better way, however, if you do something like<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE table1ID = " & table2ID & ";"<BR><BR>if I am understanding the situation correctly I think that can solve your problem. That way you can find the hours worked by the person who has the ID associated with the name. You just have to make sure the ID&#039;s will match.<BR><BR>Michael Fierro

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    Scott S Guest

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    Try Using an INNER JOIN <BR><BR>SELECT tblUsers.LASTNAME, tblHours.HOURSWORKED FROM tblUsers INNER JOIN tblHours ON tblUsers.NameID = tblHours.NameID<BR><BR>HTH <BR><BR>Scott S

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