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    I am on a project to create a recruitment website. As database searches are required i believe asp would be the easiest way of doing this.<BR>I am familiar with dreamweaver 3 also.<BR>I need some tips on how to combine dreamweaver with asp&#039;s , i really haven&#039;t a clue.

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    I think Dreamweaver is a pain in the butt when trying to combin it with ASP cause it wont actually show the ASP. I recommend InterDev. If you really wanna stick with Macromedia, go with UltraDev. I would even go with Homesite before I went with Dreamweaver....

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    Really? I must say, back when I was doing more design (I only really write code these days) I found Dreamweaver really excellent. It can be used as a code editor (not as good as InterDev) through either the code view or the quick tag editor (which is really good if you just need quick access to a small Response.Write) and it works seemlessly beside InterDev.<BR><BR>InterDev is really pants when it comes to writing HTML - I&#039;ve spent hours doing table layouts in it that would&#039;ve taken ten minutes in DW.<BR><BR>My advice - Dreamweaver for visual layout and design, InterDev for hand coding. They work together so well you&#039;d think they were designed to... I haven&#039;t tried UltraDev, but I never trust a tool that claims to write server-side script.<BR><BR>Dunc

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