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    I am pulling a telephone number out of a database as follows: 1234567890. I would like to display it on my web page as 123-456-7890. Is there an "edit mask" of some kind in ASP that I can use? I haven&#039;t been able to find one easily.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Chip

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    &#060;%<BR>&#039;connect to db....<BR>myvar1=rs("phonenum")<BR>myvar2=left(myv ar1,3)<BR>myvar3=right(myvar1,7)<BR>myvar2=myvar2 & "-"<BR>myvar4=left(myvar3,3)<BR>myvar5=right(myvar3, 4)<BR>myvar4=myvar4 & "-"<BR>myvar=myvar2 & myvar4 & myvar5<BR>response.write myvar<BR>&#039;destroy all objects...<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>hope this helps!

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