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    I am using following script in my my call t.asp <BR>in script i am using if condition which says if pagenum=11 then <BR>redirect to "default.asp" <BR>else <BR>submit form1 <BR>i set timer of 20 seconds when timer expires this script is called <BR>Problem is that when i load t.asp pagenum not equall to 11 but still script redirect page to default.asp <BR>Can some one help me <BR><BR>&#060;script Language="JavaScript"&#062; <BR>&#060;!-- <BR>function startclock() <BR><BR>{ <BR>pagenum = &#060;%=iPageCurrent+1%&#062; <BR><BR>if (pagenum = 11) <BR>document.location.href="default.asp" <BR>else <BR>setTimeout(&#039;document.form1.submit()&#039; ,20000) <BR><BR><BR>} <BR><BR><BR>//--&#062; <BR>&#060;/script&#062;

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    When you are comparing in Javascript you need to use a double equal sign ie. ==<BR><BR>In javascript "pagenum = 11 " assigns 11 to the variable pagenum.<BR>I think what you want to do is check if the pagenum is 11 then you need to write "pagenum == 11".<BR><BR>I think this may help,<BR>Donnacha

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    That certainly worked

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