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    Zeb Fontaine Guest

    Default KILL SESSION ?

    Hi <BR><BR>I use Session.abandon but i dont get the feeling that this kills the session completly, cause if i make a check on the session it seems to exist... is there another way to kill the session ? <BR><BR>silly question realy, but very anoying!

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default RE: KILL SESSION ?

    Session.Abandon WILL clear all session variables, but ONLY afetr you leave the page that issues the command.<BR><BR>So<BR>Session("MyVar") = "Mushrooms"<BR>Session.Abandon<BR>Response.Wri te Session("MyVar")<BR><BR>will display Mushrooms, but if you move to another page, it will be blank.

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    Default RE: KILL SESSION ?

    maybe the session does exist <BR>.. and that session is a new one <BR>.. to prove it to yourself check the session values<BR> .. they are dead <BR> ooooohhhhhh poor session values <BR> i will miss them<BR>

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