Hi, <BR>I did not get any response for this on the performance forum so<BR>am trying my luck here.<BR>Am just starting off an ASP project. The requirement is to <BR>have a Catalog of Tags which represent Database fields, Control <BR>Types (List Box / Edit Control...). The user will be delivered <BR>sample HTML template forms / browses which he can customise <BR>with a HTML editor and use any custom tag from the library. <BR>As runtime the tags are to be replaced by the appropriate data. <BR>This calls for a parsing mechanism which I intend writing in ASP. <BR>The database is MSSQL 6.5 / 7.0 And Oracle 7.3 - 8+. <BR>I&#039;ve read here the pros and cons of parsing etc, but my <BR>familiarity with ASP is just beginning. So I thought I would <BR>consult the experts out there as to how to proceed. <BR>Thanks for any advice. <BR>regards <BR>ram