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    I want to read in values from a form using window.document.formName.inputName.value; .<BR><BR>I have alot of values from a lot of pages to read in and if I could replace inputName with a variable that changes in a loop it would save me a lot of repetiviness.<BR><BR>eg of what I would like to do:<BR><BR>for (loop=0; loop&#060;20; loop++)<BR> {<BR> boxName = boxName + "1";<BR> temp = temp + "1";<BR> var temp = window.document.boxName.value;<BR> }<BR><BR>PROBLEM it takes boxName as a literal name from the form. <BR>Is there any way around this????<BR><BR>Please help,<BR>Laura

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    you can do this<BR><BR>var temp = eval("" + counter + "value");<BR><BR>this will return you the value you are looking for.<BR>however you can not dynamically create a variable such as<BR><BR>temp = temp +1<BR>var temp<BR>or var (temp+1)<BR><BR>you must use arrays so use this<BR><BR>var temp = new Array();<BR><BR>temp[counter] = eval("" + counter + "value");<BR><BR>

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    document.forms[formname].elements[&#039;something&#039; + loop].value<BR><BR>within the loop. easy. try not to use eval() too much, since it&#039;s 1. a performance loss 2. easily breakable<BR><BR>j

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    Arky Guest

    Default Thanks Mom

    Thanks for that mom

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    I have never had a problem with eval() ever! so im not sure what hole your talking out of. But if you have some real proof in the form of fact maybe you should post the link and silence my stupidity.

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