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    Aaggh!<BR><BR>I can compile my VB project into a DLL and register it manually on my web server (regsvr32) and all is fine.<BR><BR>However I&#039;d really like to use MTS so I unregister it, kill inetinfo, recompile it, remove all references from the registry and then attempt to add it using the MTS Explorer as a new component. I get an error message about &#039;One or More DLLs could not be loaded.Check to make sure all application ...etc etc.&#039;<BR><BR>Does anyone know why this is ?<BR><BR>I then register the component manually using regsvr32. Everything is now fine, in that it works.<BR><BR>I try to then add it as a component into MTS using &#039;Add new component&#039; and picking it from the list and it all seems to go well. (However this component has no interfaces according to the MTS explorer - obviously it does!)<BR><BR>So then the final test. I shut down the component and try to recompile on top of it. This fails with &#039;Permission denied&#039;.<BR>Anybody got any clues as to what&#039;s going on?<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance.<BR>Pat<BR>

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    MTS components should NOT be registered with regsvr32<BR>In the MTS explorer create a new empty package (or use an existing one). Add the new components. MTS will register the components. If you delete the component using MTS explorer MTS will unregister(!) the component for you. <BR><BR>A component must be unique in MTS. So you can&#039;t register the component in two or more different packages.<BR><BR>If the interface (classid&#039;s or interface id&#039;s) has changed it&#039;s neccesary to remove/add the component. Otherwise your component will most likely not function okay.<BR><BR>As long as the component is live (it&#039;s referenced from somewhere) you can&#039;t remove it or write a new dll on top of the old one. You&#039;ll should down the component before you can change it.<BR><BR>Because of this it&#039;s not a good idea to compile and write the new component on top of it. <BR><BR>Compile the component to your work-environment<BR>Be careful that the connections to the component are broken before you can override it.<BR>Be sure to remove/add the component as soon as the class-id or the interface id&#039;s have changed.<BR><BR>If you have registered the components yourself using regsvr32 ,<BR>use the option add registered components.<BR>

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