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    I am beginner in asp/ado<BR>I am using ADO connection object to insert data into 4 different tables in same Access(mdb) database.While inserting if any error occur i want to rollbak all the data which are inserted. I tried the following code but it is not removing data from all tables.<BR><BR>con.BeginTrans() <BR><BR><BR>con.Execute(ins1)&#039;inserting personal data to per_table<BR><BR>if con.Errors.Count &#062;0 then<BR>con.RollbackTrans() <BR>end if<BR>con.Execute ins2 &#039;inserting education data to edu_table<BR>if con.Errors.Count &#062;0 then<BR>con.RollbackTrans() <BR>end if<BR>con.Execute ins3 &#039;inserting Emploeyment data to emp_table<BR>if con.Errors.Count &#062;0 then<BR>con.RollbackTrans() <BR>end if<BR>con.CommitTrans()<BR><BR>pl.let me now what is wrong?How to Do?<BR>TIA<BR>ramesh

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    Try <BR>if con.error.count=0

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