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    Hi, all:<BR>I need to contact acrossing 2 web server pages. I am using " in parent window and "window.opener.document.formName.fieldName.val ue" in subWindow. It works between them but they have to be from same server, such as one page is from "" and the other page is from "". If one of the page is from the other server not "", it will not be worked and error message is "Run time error, Access is denied". Any bode can help me to solve this? <BR>Thanks in advance<BR>

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    Default It's a security restriction

    you can&#039;t do it, it&#039;s a built in security restriction. If it was possible, there&#039;d be all sorts of &#039;abuse of privelege&#039; going on on the net - no-one&#039;s data would be safe...<BR><BR>j

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