I have this query running at Visual FoxPro : <BR>select * from plmfarm left outer join plmunit on frm_uni_fk==uni_cpk into curs curun <BR>SELECT DIST UNI_CNAME, FLC_CCODE, KDG_CCODE, PMH_DTGLCI, PMD_DTGLUM, SUM(pmd_njmnpk+pmd_njmnsk) as normal, SUM(pmd_njmrpk+pmd_njmrsk) as rtk, SUM(pmd_njmhpk+pmd_njmhsk) as hnc FROM PLXPMHD LEFT OUTER JOIN PLXPMDT ON PMH_CPK=PMD_PMH_FK LEFT OUTER JOIN PLMFLOCK ON PMH_FLC_FK = FLC_CPK LEFT OUTER JOIN PLMKDG ON PMH_KDG_FK = KDG_CPK left outer join curun on flc_frm_fk=curun.frm_cpk WHERE PMD_DTGLUM &#060;= DATE(2001,01,26) ORDER BY PMH_CPK,PMD_DTGLUM GROUP BY PMH_CPK INTO CURS HSL <BR>SELECT * FROM HSL WHERE PMD_DTGLUM=DATE(2001,01,26) order by uni_cname,flc_ccode,kdg_ccode INTO CURS KUM <BR>select sum(rtk+hnc) as rh,sum(normal+rtk+hnc) from kum group by uni_cname <BR>I&#039;m trying to simplify it so it can be executed in ASP like this : conn.execute(query), since "CURS" cannot be used in query but I don&#039;t know how to do it. <BR>Then I made a store procedure at Visual FoxPro but I don&#039;t know how to call it from ASP. <BR>Can somebody please tell me how to simplify the query above so i can use it in ASP or how to call Visual FoxPro store procedure from ASP ? Any other solutions would be appreciated.