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    Does anybody know of any good resources for tips on site management.<BR><BR>Basically I have a copy of the database on the server and on my<BR>machine. <BR>The copy on the server has tables which are updated while up on the server - eg mailing lists etc<BR>and the copy on my machine I want to update and then publish-<BR>However this will over write changes on the server copy.<BR><BR>Whats the best way to manage the two-<BR>I have thought of this so far<BR>1- To lock the database (on server) while I am updating it<BR>on my machine (unfortunately I want to spend a long time updating it)<BR>2 - Or create two databases - one for stuff I update and some for stuff thats visitors update.<BR><BR>What are the best procedures for managing databases like this?<BR><BR>Many Thanks<BR><BR>Hope someone can help<BR><BR>Rhys UK <BR>

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    I&#039d go with the two database-approach.

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