Hi All,<BR><BR>I have this annoying problem. I have 3 datetime fields in my record (SQL date). Once in a while,I will get a date of 01/01/1900 no matter what is the user input(my date server date settings is in dd/mm/yy)not for just a field but all the datetime fields. This incident will happen to 1 per 10 records. And the date fields is a crucial factors to my application.<BR><BR>The codes are as below...<BR><BR>rs.Open "SELECT Received_date,Submit_date,Results_announce FROM BID_Checklist WHERE Bid_ref_no=&#039;" & bid_no & "&#039;",conn,2,2<BR>if not rs.EOF then <BR> rs("Received_date") = now() <BR> rs("Submit_date")=CDate(dte_subn)<BR> if dte_res="" then<BR> rs("Results_announce")=null<BR> elseif dte_res&#060;&#062; "" then<BR> rs("Results_announce")=CDate(dte_res)<BR> end if<BR>end if<BR>rs.Update<BR>rs.Close <BR><BR>Pls adv. Thanks very much...:D<BR>