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    I have used the code below in the past with success to delete multiple files. The page prior to this displays the records with a checkbox, in this case ppDelete and piDelete. The user simply places a checkmark in the box next to the files they want to delete and hits submit. The code below should execute the delete and it does if only 1 checkbox is checked. If I check 2 nothing gets deleted. Like I stated before I have used this code before with no issues. Comparing the functional with the non-functional the ONLY difference is in the update statement. The old one does NOT update the first table and the new does. Coud that be the problem? If so can anyone shed some light on how to resolve this?<BR><BR>ppDelete = "" & Request.Form("ppDelete")<BR>piDelete = "" & Request.Form("piDelete")<BR><BR><BR>If piDelete &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> Conn.Execute("DELETE FROM case2 WHERE setno IN(&#039;" & piDelete &"&#039;)")<BR> Conn.Execute("UPDATE case1 SET intvw=&#039;0&#039; WHERE setno IN(&#039;" & piDelete &"&#039;)")<BR>End If<BR><BR><BR>If ppDelete &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> Conn.Execute("DELETE FROM case1 WHERE setno IN(&#039;" & ppDelete &"&#039;)")<BR> Conn.Execute("DELETE FROM case2 WHERE seto IN(&#039;" & ppDelete &"&#039;)")<BR>End If

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    Default answered in other forum <eom>


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