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Thread: ASP Code (S/W) Security from piracy

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    nitin_datar Guest

    Default ASP Code (S/W) Security from piracy

    As ASP PAges cannot be compiled, how I can secure my ASP code from piracy.i.e.what method can be useful to secure my ASP code and ultimately my s/w from piracy.Because anyone can copy the ASP code i.e.S/W and use it.(if he has knowledge of ASP,virtual directory,SQL server etc.).How to prevent it ? What security options are available for ASP.

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    Default ASP code not visible to browser

    so no problem.<BR><BR>j

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    Default I think he's referring to...

    I think he&#039;s referring to sending/selling the ASP application to someone else who needs to install it on their Web server. So you have to give them the source to your ASP scripts.<BR><BR>I guess one solution is to package a lot of your functionality into compiled COM components and just send along the binaries. Another way is to use the Microsoft script encoder.. can&#039;t seem to find it on MS&#039;s scripting site right now, but I know it&#039;s there (or somewhere on MS)

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default RE: ASP Code (S/W) Security from piracy

    I am evaluating the prospects of releasing a new product that addresses what you are asking about, and may need beta-testers. This product features much better encryption than Microsoft&#039;s (which can be very easily defeated) and also has some very &#039;interesting&#039; audit features (such as remote disabling of scripts, usage logs, etc.)<BR><BR>If I decide to move forward, are you interested in helping to test?

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