Is there a way to search multiple fields with a single text box form in a Access Database. <BR><BR>ex If I was searching for "Man, Moon, Dog" how can I search all the diff fields in a access database for the given keywords and display only the records with these keywords. Even if Moon was in Field (OuterSpace) and Dog was in (Pets) on different rows of the same table. I&#039;m using the following sql statement but it does not find anything. <BR><BR>If I only put one word in the search box it will give me all the results of the one keyword. ex. Search for "Dog" it gives me all the listings with dog in it. If I search for "Dog House" and no fields have "Dog House" in the fields I get nothing even though there is a "Dog in House" in the field. <BR><BR>SELECT *<BR>FROM Rentals<BR>WHERE Rates_Weekly Like &#039;%varKeyword%&#039; OR Name Like &#039;%varKeyword%&#039; OR Description Like &#039;%varKeyword%&#039; OR Location Like &#039;%varKeyword%&#039; OR Num_Bed Like &#039;%varKeyword%&#039; OR Num_Bath Like &#039;%varKeyword%&#039; OR Rates_Nightly Like &#039;%varKeyword%&#039;<BR><BR><BR>If anyone can help please respond.<BR><BR><BR>