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    A while back, I was browsing these newsgroups, just like you are now, <BR>and came across <BR>n article to this that said you could make thousands of CASH within <BR>week with only an <BR>initial investment of $36.00 plus stamps! So I thought, Yeah, right, <BR>this must be a scam! <BR>But like most of us I was curious and kept reading. It said that if you <BR>send $6.00 to each <BR>of the 6 names and addresses listed in the article, you could make <BR>thousands in a ver <BR>short period of time. You then place your own name and address at the <BR>bottom of the list <BR>at #6, and post the article to at least 300 newsgroups. (There are <BR>about 32,000 of them <BR>out there and thats quite a large market pool). No catch, that was it. <BR>Even though the <BR>investment was a measly $36. I had three questions that needed to be <BR>answered before I <BR>could get involved in this sort of thing. <BR>1. IS THIS REALLY LEGAL? <BR>I called a lawyer first. The lawyer was a little skeptical that I would <BR>actually make any <BR>CASH but he said it WAS LEGAL if I wanted to try it. I told him it <BR>sounded a lot like a <BR>chain letter but the details of the system (SEE BELOW) actually made it <BR>a legitimate <BR>business. <BR>2. IS OK WITH THE POST OFFICE OR IS IT MAIL FRAUD? I called them: <BR>1-800-725-2161 and they confirmed THIS IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! (See 18, h <BR>sections 1302 NS 1341 of Postal Lottery Laws). This clarifies the <BR>program of collecting <BR>names and addresses for a mailing list. <BR>3. IS IT RIGHT? Well, everyone who sends me a buck has a good chance of <BR>getting A <BR>LOT of CASH ... a much better chance than buying a lottery ticket!!! <BR>So, having these questions answered, I invested EXACTLY $37.92 ... six <BR>$6.00 bills andsix 32 cent postage stamps ... and boy am I glad I did! <BR>Within 7 days, I started getting CASH in the mail! I was shocked! I <BR>figured it would end soon and didnt give it another <BR>thought. But the CASH continued coming in. In my first week I made <BR>between $20 to $30. By the end of the second week I had a made a total <BR>of $1,000.00. <BR>In the third week I had over $10,000.00 and it was still growing. This <BR>is now my fourth week and I havemade a total of just over $42,000 and <BR>its still coming in ..... Its certainly worth $36.00 and6 <BR>stamps!!!Also, make sure you print a copy of this article NOW, so you <BR>can get information off of it as you need it. I promise you that if you <BR>follow the directions exactly, that you will startmaking more CASH than <BR>you thought possible by doing <BR>something so easy! <BR>Suggestion: Read this entire message carefully! (print it out or <BR>download it.) Follow thesimple directions and watch the CASH come in! <BR>Its easy. Its legal. And yourinvestment is only $36.00 (plus <BR>postage)IMPORTANT: This is NOT a rip-off; it is NOT indecent; it is NOT <BR>illegal; and it isvirtually no risk - it really works!!!!! If all of <BR>the following instructions are adhered to,you will receive <BR>extraordinary dividends.PLEASE NOTE:Please <BR>follow these directions EXACTLY, and $50,000 or more could be yours in <BR>a matter of days. This program remains successful because of the <BR>honesty and integrity of theparticipants. Please continue its success <BR>by carefully adhering to the instructions. Youwill now become part of <BR>the Mail Order Business. In this business your product is notsolid and <BR>tangible, its a service. You are in the business of developing Mailing <BR>Lists. Many large corporations <BR>are happy to pay big bucks for quality lists. However, the CASHmade <BR>from the mailing lists is secondary to the income which is made from <BR>people like youand me asking to be included in that list.Here are the 4 <BR>easy steps to success:STEP 1: Get 6 separate pieces of paper and write <BR>the following on each piece of paperPLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST. <BR>Now get 6 US $6.00 bills and placeONE inside EACH of the 6 pieces of <BR>paper so the bill will <BR>not be seen through theenvelope (to prevent thievery). Place one paper <BR>in each of the 6 envelopes and seal them. You should now have 6sealed <BR>envelopes, each with a piece of paper stating the abovephrase, your <BR>name and address, and a $1.00 bill. What you are doing is creating a <BR>service. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! You are requesting a legitimate <BR>service and you arepaying for it! Like most of us I was a little <BR>skeptical and a little worried about the <BR>legal aspects of it all. So I checked it out with the U.S. Post Office <BR>(1-800-725-2161) and they <BR>confirmed that it is legal! Mail the 6 envelopes to the following <BR>addresses: <BR>#1) D. Hall <BR>14018 N. Florida Ave. <BR>Tampa, Fl. 33612 <BR>#2) N. Maconeghy <BR>147 S. Rebecca Ave. <BR>Scranton, Pa. 18504 <BR>#3) Vi.Vonortas <BR>21-67 48st. <BR>Astoria,NY.11105 <BR>#4) A. Romanzi <BR>P.O. Box 56887 <BR>Harwood Hts. IL. 60656 <BR>#5) V. Dads<BR>15308, NE 13th PL,<BR>Apt# 2307,<BR>Bellevue, WA 98007 <BR>#6) L. Rawcliffe 6367 Vista Drive Apt.# 6110 West Des Moines, IA 50266<BR><BR><BR>STEP 2: Now take the #1 name off the list that you see above, move the <BR>other names up(6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4, etc...) and add YOUR name as <BR>number 6 on the list.STEP 3: Change anything you need to, but try to <BR>keep this article as close to original aspossible. Now, post your <BR>amended article to at least 300 newsgroups. (I think there areclose to <BR>32,000 groups) All you need is 300, but remember, the more you post the <BR>moreCASH you make! This is <BR>perfectly legal! If you have any doubts, ref to 18 Sec. 1302 &1341 of <BR>the Postal lottery laws. Keep a copy of these steps for yourself and, <BR>whenever <BR>you need CASH, you can use it again, and again. <BR>PLEASE REMEMBER that this program remains successful because of the <BR>honesty and <BR>integrity of the participants and by their carefully adhering to the <BR>directions. Look at it <BR>this way. If you are a person of integrity, the program will continue <BR>and the CASH that so <BR>many others have received will come your way. NOTE: You may want to <BR>retain every <BR>name and address sent to you, either on a computer or hard copy and <BR>keep the noted <BR>people send you. This VERIFIES that you are truly providing a service. <BR>(Also, it might <BR>be a good idea to wrap the $6 bills in dark paper to reduce the risk of <BR>mail theft.) So, as <BR>each post is downloaded and the directions carefully followed, six <BR>members will be <BR>reimbursed for their participation as a List Developer with one dollar <BR>each. Your name <BR>will move up the list geometrically so that when your name reaches the <BR>#1 position you <BR>will be receiving thousands of CASH in CASH!!! What an opportunity for <BR>only $36.00 <BR>($6.00 for each of the first six people listed above) Send it now, add <BR>your own name to <BR>the list and youre in business! <BR>---DIRECTIONS ----- FOR HOW TO POST TO NEWSGROUPS <BR>Step 1) You do not need to re-type this entire letter to do your own <BR>posting. Simply put <BR>your cursor at the beginning of this letter and drag your cursor to the <BR>bottom of this letter, <BR>and select copy from the edit menu. This will copy the entire letter <BR>into the computers <BR>memory. <BR>Step 2) Open a blank notepad file and place your cursor at the top of <BR>the blank page. <BR>From the edit menu select paste. This well paste a copy of the letter <BR>into notepad so <BR>that you can add your name to the list. <BR>Step 3) Save your new notepad file as a .txt file. If you want to do <BR>your postings in <BR>different settings, youll always have this file to go back to. <BR>Step 4) Use Netscape of Internet explorer and try searching for various <BR>newsgroups <BR>(on-line forums, message boards, chat sites, discussions.) <BR>Step 5) Visit these message boards and post this article as a new <BR>message by highlighting <BR>the text of this letter and selecting paste from the edit menu. Fill in <BR>the Subject, this will <BR>be the header that everyone sees as they scroll through the list of <BR>posting in a particular <BR>group, click the post message button. <BR>Youre done with your first one! Congratulations... THATS IT! All you <BR>have to do is <BR>jump to different newsgroups and post away, after you get the hang of <BR>it, it will take about <BR>30 seconds for each newsgroup. <BR>**REMEMBER, THE MORE NEWSGROUPS YOU POST IN, THE MORE CASH <BR>YOU WILL MAKE!! BUT YOU HAVE TO POST A minimum of 300** <BR>Thats it! You will begin receiving CASH from around the world within <BR>days! You may <BR>eventually want to rent a P.O. Box due to the large amount of mail you <BR>will receive. If <BR>you wish to stay anonymous, you can invent a name to use, as long as <BR>the postman will <BR>deliver it. **JUST MAKE SURE ALL THE ADDRESSES ARE CORRECT.** <BR>Now the WHY part: Out of 250 postings, say I receive only 5 replies (a <BR>very low example). So then I made $50.00 with my name<BR>at #6 on the letter. Now, each of the 5 persons who just sent me $1.00 <BR>make the MINIMUM 250 postings, each with my name at<BR>#5 and only 5 persons respond to each of the original 5, that is <BR>another $250.00 for me, now those 25 each make 250 MINIMUM<BR>posts with my name at #4 and only 5 replies each, I will bring in an <BR>additional $1250.00! Now, those 125 persons turn around and<BR>post the MINIMUM 250 with my name at #3 and only receive 5 replies <BR>each, I will make an additional $6260.00! OK, now here is<BR>the fun part, each of those 625 persons post a MINIMUM 250 letters with <BR>my name at #2 and they each only receive 5 replies,<BR>that just made me $31,250.00!!! Those 3,125 persons will all deliver <BR>this message to 250 newsgroups with my name at #1 and if<BR>still 5 persons per 200 newsgroups react I will receive $150,625,00! <BR>With an original investment of only $60.00! AMAZING!<BR>When your name is <BR>no longer on the list, you just take the latest posting in the <BR>newsgroups, and send out <BR>another $6.00 to names on the list, putting your name at number 6 <BR>again. And start <BR>posting again. The thing to remember is: do you realize that thousands <BR>of people all over <BR>the world are joining the internet and reading these articles everyday? <BR>JUST LIKE YOU <BR>ARE NOW!!! So, can you afford $6.00 and see if it really works?? I <BR>think so... People <BR>have said, what if the plan is played out and no one sends you the <BR>CASH? So what! <BR>What are the chances of that happening when there are tons of new <BR>honest users and new <BR>honest people who are joining the Internet and newsgroups everyday and <BR>are willing to <BR>give it a try? <BR>Estimates are at 20,000 to 50,000 new users, every day, with thousands <BR>of those joining <BR>the actual internet. <BR>Remember, Play FAIRLY and HONESTLY and this will really work. <BR>**By the way, if you try to deceive people by posting the messages with <BR>your name in the <BR>list and not sending the CASH to the rest of the people already on the <BR>list, you will NOT <BR>get as much. Someone I talked to knew someone who did that and he only <BR>made about <BR>$150.00, and thats after seven or eight weeks! Then he sent the 6 $1.00 <BR>bills, people <BR>added him to their lists, and in 4-5 weeks he had over $10k. This is <BR>the fairest and most <BR>honest way I have ever seen to share the wealth of the world without <BR>costing anything but <BR>out time!!! You also may want to buy mailing and e-mail lists for <BR>future CASH. Make <BR>sure you print this article out RIGHT NOW! Also, try to keep a lest of <BR>every one that <BR>sends you CASH and always keeps an eye on the newsgroups or make sure <BR>everyone is <BR>playing fairly. Remember, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. You dont need to <BR>cheat <BR>the basic idea to make the CASH!! GOOD LUCK to all and please play <BR>fairly and reap <BR>the huge rewards from this, which is tons of extra CASH. <BR>Please remember to declare your extra income. Thanks once again... <BR>People have asked me if this is really legal. Well, it is! You are <BR>using the Internet to <BR>advertise your business. That is that business? You are creating a <BR>mailing list of people <BR>who are interested in home based computer and online business and <BR>methods of generating <BR>income at home. Remember, people send you a small fee to be added to <BR>your mailing list. <BR>it is legal, what will you do with your list of thousands of names? <BR>Thats up to you. So, build your mailing list, keep good accounts, <BR>declare the income <BR>and pay your taxes. By doing this you prove your business intentions. <BR>Keep an eye on <BR>the newsgroups and when the cash has stopped coming (that means your <BR>name is no <BR>longer on the list), you just take the latest posting at the <BR>newsgroups, send another $6.00 <BR>to the names stated on the list, make your corrections (put your name <BR>at #6) and start <BR>posting again. <BR>NOTES: <BR>*1. In some countries, the export of the countrys exchange is illegal. <BR>But you can get the <BR>license to do this from the post office, explaining the above <BR>statements (that you have an <BR>online business, etc.). You may have to pay an extra tax, but thats OK, <BR>the amount of the <BR>incoming CASH is HUGE! And as I said, a few countries have that <BR>restriction. <BR>*2. You may want to buy mailing and e-mail lists for future CASH. (Or <BR>Database or <BR>Spreadsheet software.) <BR>*3. If youre really not sure or still think this cant be for real, <BR>please print a copy of this <BR>article and give it to someone who really needs the CASH, and see what <BR>happens. <BR>*4. You will start getting responses within 1-2 weeks, it depends. <BR>***ALSO REMEMBER*** <BR>SEND YOUR $1 OUT TO EVERYONE ON THE LIST, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT <BR>FROM THE U.S. <BR>WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? <BR>$$$!!!$$$!!!$$$!!!$$$!!!$$$!!!$$$!!!$$$!!! <BR>GOOD LUCK!!! <BR><BR>

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    What is the name of this messageboard? Does it say drop trash here? I rely on messageboards like this for real help. Its people like you that make the experts not want to come anymore. Go away. You were not invited and you are not welcome.

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