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    Hi,<BR><BR>What&#039s the going rate for ASP contractors? We need to find an ASP contractor for a few months work developing ASP applications, probably including some SQL server work.<BR><BR>How much should we expect to pay in the UK?<BR><BR>Thank you for your help.<BR>Peter

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    e Guest

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    I really don&#039t know about the rates outside of the US<BR>and I can&#039t really speak for anyone else but if it was<BR>ASP work and SQL server administration/setup (building the DB)<BR>I would ask somewhere between $30-$50/hr depending on what<BR>needed to get done. Not too much, compared to what high<BR>level programmers usually ask for :)

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    asp programmer Guest

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    gee your cheap...I have been getting 80 to 130 per hour

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    ian Stallings Guest

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    I didn&#039t say I was expensive. Just the average rate<BR>is around that area. I dont know too many asp programmers<BR>that make $250,000/year :)

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    John Marold Guest

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    I&#039m a recruiter and whoever is paying 80 to 130/hr is a complete sucker. I can find high level asp programmers for less than that (60-70/hr) and, no doubt, just as good.

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