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    I can&#039;t get the web server to open .asp files. <BR><BR>The web server is running. Http:// opens default.html. When I try to run asp pages, it won&#039;t open them. <BR><BR>When I open an asp file such as the Product documentation it brings up the messsage that the Page cannot be displayed. (HTTP 500 internal server error.) <BR><BR>I have setup read and script permissions (not execute). <BR><BR>I have used the same pws under win98 but under win me i got instlation problems and what i wrote abave.<BR>Anyone Help? <BR><BR>

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    Well.. if you had installation problems... that can be it, try re-installing it. <BR><BR>Check this link out to learn how (or look over something you might have missed out on):<BR><BR><BR><BR>Vadim C.

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