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Thread: Does Request.Querystring work in Frames

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    Crew Guest

    Default Does Request.Querystring work in Frames

    The value that I’m passing forward, appended to a URL (Page.asp?Value=Value) is not going through. Value has been Dim’d and I can Response.Write Value to the current page but not the next page that I’m passing it to.<BR><BR>I’m using frames. Is this why it is not working?<BR>Is the value retrieved by Request.Querystring from the actual URL or is it in the HTTP header somewhere? <BR>If it can be done in frames then my archenemy “Syntax” must be responsible.<BR>

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    Asrar Guest

    Default RE: Does Request.Querystring work in Frames: Yes

    It&#039;s probably your syntax: I use QueryStrings in frames all the time, and it works.<BR><BR>If the link is from one frame to another, don&#039;t forget to put target="FrameName" in the link. This might be causing the problem.

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