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    Hi,<BR>I have a page which includes a random link at the top.<BR>&#060;!--#include file="randomlink.asp"--&#062;<BR>The random link page opens a link in a new window.<BR>However some links at the bottom of the main page open up in new windows aswell even though i&#039;ve specified that they open in same window. <BR>Is there anyway to close off the #include so that the links that aren&#039;t included in the random link generator don&#039;t open up in a new window.<BR><BR>Hopefully i explained this ok

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    I think that the problem lies in how the random link page is written. Do you have a &lt;base target="_new"&gt; tag on the random link page. If you do you should remove it and in the anchor tag for the link add target="_new"

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    The include file is an asp file(random.asp) that uses a text file which has the following text in each line. <BR>&#060;a href="" target="_blank"&#062;website&#060;/a&#062;<BR> <BR>The random.asp file then uses random to select a line from the text file.<BR><BR>Is there something wrong with my ahref in the text file <BR>

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