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    Gauri Naik Guest

    Default Problem with Dllhost

    Hi,<BR> I&#039;m using win2k server for web stress testing and have encountered a problem.I have closed all the objects properly in the asp pages.We are not using any com+ components,so why do we need the dllhost.exe?Dllhost.exe is running and consuming 100% processor usage.Can anybody help me out of this.<BR><BR>with redgs,<BR>gauri naik

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    I believe that if you have your virtual folder/application set to Med of High isolation, it attaches to one or more DLLHOST.exe processes. ISAPI applications run in DLLHOST.exe so that makes sense to me.<BR><BR>So it&#039;s fine, as MS intended.

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