good simple portable FTP program?

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Thread: good simple portable FTP program?

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    ps- the question at the end of this long post is: "what small light FTP program should I use to update my web site from the road?"<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got a very simple web site where the page structure stays the same when I add a new page. I type in the new content, save the page as a new name, and update the links. The new page then becomes the default page. The only navigation is click back (previous) or forward (next).<BR><BR>I need to do this updating once or twice a day.<BR><BR>I want to go on vacation for a week. Every day I&#039;ll be in a different place, but I&#039;m sure I&#039;ll be able to get online to update my site. Obviously I can&#039;t install FrontPage everywhere I go. I was thinking I can get some small FTP program, something that will fit on a floppy or I can burn to a cd. <BR><BR>What are the most reliable FTP programs to use? They need to work on English and NonEnglish (Thai) OS&#039;s. And is this really simple stuff or is there something tricky to using an FTP program? If I crash my site I&#039;ll cut my throat.. Adam

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    I use UltraEdit-32 for my HTML/ASP editor and it does have an FTP option, although I have never used it myself. You could give that a try.<BR>You could download a shareware version at the following site:<BR><BR>It&#039;s about 1.2 MB when zipped. I hope this helps.<BR>

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    CuteFTP from GlobalScape is my fave FTP program. <BR>But there are some web sites that offer an online ftp tool, IE you put in your connection details and it gives you a web based ftp and editing tool.<BR><BR>

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