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    I am retrieving data from a column in a table which allows duplicates. How do I put this in a dropdown and only show 1 of each unique name? I then need to do a recordcount of each unique name and show the number of posts.<BR><BR>I have the Do While Not oRs.EOF. Can I then do a Do While oRs.Name NOT LIKE oRs.Name?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>

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    Well what you have to do is<BR><BR>order the records on the column that has the dulpicates<BR><BR>then<BR>dim SomeThingy<BR>SomeThingy = ""<BR>while not recordset.eof<BR>if SomeThingy &#060;&#062; recordset("DuplicateColumnName") then<BR>SomeThingy = recordset("DuplicateColumnName") <BR>&#039; do whatever you wnat here like add to the drop down<BR>end if<BR>recordset.movenext<BR>wend<BR><BR>to explain what i did<BR><BR>you select like normal BUT ordered data<BR><BR>then you check each time if the data is already in the dropdown, if it is then you .movenext otherwise you add to the dropdown<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR>

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