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    Rob Guest

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    I have a file located at:<BR>d:/files/databases/log1.db<BR><BR>and my ASP files are located at:<BR>d:/server/www/default.asp<BR><BR>I am trying to use the "include" to include log1.db in my ASP file, but I can&#039;t seem to get the code right :( Can anyone help me out?<BR><BR>-Rob

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    try &#060;!--#include virtual="files/databases/log1.db"--&#062; or even &#060;!--#include virtual="d:files/databases/log1.db"--&#062;.<BR><BR>You may not be able get beyond the www directory. Check you IIS Server Manager under properties for your website to see where the web site structure begins. In this case you should save the log1.db file within the www directory, and not the files directory.

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    Rob Guest

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    Ok I got it working now, thanks dude!

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