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    Elaine Pack Guest

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    Using this code snippet:<BR><BR>Dim myData()<BR>Indx = -1 [to set first iteration at 0-can U sugg. a better way?]<BR>do until rs.eof<BR> indx = indx + 1<BR> myData (indx) = SomeOtherData --&#062; error on this line<BR>. . .<BR><BR>My problem is that if I put a number in the array define statement, as in "dim mydata(20)", everything works correctly. However, if I leave it as empty parens as above, I get a "subscript out of range" error on the last line "mydata(indx) = someotherdata".<BR><BR>What I&#039;m trying to do is create an array when I don&#039;t know exactly how many elements there might be. The doc on the Microsoft scripting page shows it as using empty parens for a dynamic array, but maybe I missed something.<BR><BR>I&#039;m obviously doing something wrong here--can anyone help?? Thanks!<BR><BR>elaine

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    Dilip Guest

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    How about...<BR><BR>Dim myData() <BR>Indx = -1 do until rs.eof <BR> indx = indx + 1 <BR> redim preserve myData(indx)<BR> myData (indx) = SomeOtherData --&#062; error on this line <BR>. . . <BR><BR>

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    Hi, Elaine. You could also use getrows, which will figure out the size of the array for you and is also much faster than looping through the recordset. It&#039;s a 2D array.<BR><BR>Dim myData<BR>...<BR>myData = rs.getrows &#039;got your array - field # is 1st dim, record # is 2nd dim

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