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    Judi Guest

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    Hi! <BR><BR>Is there a way to keep a pop-up window on top even though it has lost focus? <BR><BR> ( If you aren&#039t sure of what I mean try using the FIND feature in one of the MS applications. You can make changes to the main page with the pop-up window still on top.)<BR>

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    Judi Guest

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    Additional Information: I am already aware of the javascript code that keeps a window on top but does not allow the window to lose focus. I need the window to be able to lose focus and still stay on top.<BR>( ) <BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Judi

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    Scott Hewlitt Guest

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    Judi, in VBScript,<BR>there are states for message boxes that you can use.<BR>They are application modal, and system modal.<BR>This site will provide more info wether you are using VBScript or Java Script<BR><BR><BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Scott

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