Hi !<BR><BR>I am trying to encapsulate the UI rendering functionality<BR>within a DHTML scriptlet. Now since DHTML scirptlets are <BR>not cross browser, I thought i would bundle the HTML <BR>commands within a function in the form of a series of<BR>DOCUMENT.WRITE() statements and then change the DHTML <BR>scriptlet into a server side COM scriptlet (XML scriptlet).<BR> <BR><BR><BR>Well ...easier said than done. I am sure as i go further i<BR> will face bigger problems but for now i would appreciate <BR>some help with this problem here -<BR><BR><BR><BR>I can&#039t seem to use DOCUMENT.WRITE() within any method of <BR>the scriptlet. For example if i have a public function called RENDER_UI(), i can call it from the host page by writing something like<BR><BR>SCRIPTLETCONTAINER.RENDER_UI()<BR><BR> where SCRIPTLETCONTAINER is the id defined in the &#060;OBJECT> tag.<BR><BR>But the above only works if RENDER_UI() doesn&#039t have any document.write() calls. <BR><BR>If on the other hand RENDER_UI() does have document.write() calls, executing SCRIPTLETCONTAINER.RENDER_UI() from the host page throws up an error saying "OBJECT DOESN&#039T SUPPORT THIS PROPERTY". It then goes in the RENDER_UI() function and execute document.write() anyways.<BR><BR>When i try to run this script thru the debugger, i get a PERMISSION DENIED message.<BR><BR><BR><BR>What am i doing wrong ?<BR><BR>thanks !