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    I am trying to pass a long string that may contain the " character and the &#039; character.<BR>Now, I have tried to pass it through pages using hidden fields, but since the string may contain the characters above, when I submit that string again, it will be splitted by these characters. EX:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="hidden" value="sometext sometext " sometext text"&#062;<BR><BR>the value string will be splitted by the middle " character and so only part of the string will be submitted. this is the same for the &#039; character.<BR><BR>How can I resolve this? what is the best method to pass long strings that may contain all kind of characters through pages?<BR>session or application?<BR>

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    In the hidden input field make sure you use<BR>Server.HTMLEncode() around you value.<BR><BR>i.e.<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" value="Server.HTMLEncode(your value)"&#062;<BR><BR>that will do the trick :)

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    Hi, thanks a lot! <BR>I have made a bit of confusion.....I already knew server.HTMLEncode but my brain wasn&#039;t thinking in the right way.<BR>I thougt I would then have had to un-encode it.<BR>Works great! Thanks a lot

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