Hello,<BR><BR>I am trying to build a cart where I can recalculate the users quantity no<BR>matter how many items they have in the cart and no matter how many<BR>quantities they change on the form. The problem is that when I run the<BR>following piece of code it only updates one record (the first item in the<BR>loop) if I take this same code and stick it in VB so I can see what is<BR>happening, I can make it ALL work if I step through it, but when I just let<BR>it run, it won&#039;t complete the successive updates. I know for a fact that<BR>the SQL statements are right, when I use the same loop to print them out<BR>they look fine.<BR><BR>my code looks like this:<BR><BR> dim quan, sku, line_id<BR> line_id = Request.Form("line_id")<BR> quan = Request.Form("quantity")<BR> sku = Request.Form("sku")<BR><BR> if inStr(1,line_id, ",") then<BR> splLine = Split(line_id, ",")<BR> splQuan = Split(quan, ",")<BR> splSKU = Split(sku, ",")<BR><BR> dim objConn, objCommand<BR> Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> Set objCommand = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")<BR><BR> objConn.Open Application("strConn")<BR><BR> for i = LBound(splLine) to UBound(splLine)<BR> &#039;Build each Query string here<BR> strSQL = "UPDATE cart_tbl SET quantity =&#039;" & splQuan(i) & "&#039; WHERE<BR>cart_id =&#039;" & Request.Cookies("cart")("cart_id") & "&#039; AND sku =&#039;" &<BR>splSKU(i) & "&#039;"<BR> objCommand.ActiveConnection = Application("strConn")<BR> objCommand.CommandText = strSQL<BR> objCommand.Execute<BR> next<BR><BR><BR><BR>Matthew Levy<BR>Web and Applications Developer<BR>AEC Software, Inc.<BR>mlevy@aecsoft.com<BR>