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    Default popup window??

    Any direction/comments would be great:<BR>On each row of a form (orders) I have an icon that I would like to signal a popup window that contains another form (basically a bunch of option buttons). When the user clicks on "Ok" on the popup window, after making their selection, I need to have access to that data on my main form. How can I pass data from the popup window&#039;s form to my main form? Is this possible?<BR><BR>The icon represents a collection of optional specs. There are multiple orders (rows) on the main form.<BR>Thanks.

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    Well<BR><BR>ick.<BR><BR>First things first<BR>read the popup window primer at www.irt.org<BR>that will help alot<BR>but essentially you will need to call a function in your main form from the button in the popup that grabs the values from the popup and fills in whatever it is you need the values for in the main form.<BR><BR>

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