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    patch Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am using SQL 7 and want to output fields from 2 tables I have; tbl_curr_order and tbl_outlet, into a flat txt file with fixed spaces. Can someone help me (or point me in the right direction)? I am using CREATE to create a new txt file on my desktop and then using INSERT INTO and VALUES etc, but this only seems to work for static values. I want to input values from my tables.<BR>SO, something like, create the table with all the fields and insert tbl_curr_order field A, into txt file and the insert tbl_curr_order field B, into txt file and tbl_outlet field A, into txt file to create a perfect text file. I also need to put in carriage returns at 2 points.<BR><BR>cheers for any help,<BR><BR>Patch

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default Use FSO

    Lookup information on the File Scripting Object in the VbScript Reference rource on the left menu bar of this site.

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