Hi folks,<BR><BR>I am following the "Visual Studio Walkthrough" - "Creating a Web Forms <BR>Application". I don&#039;t get far :-(<BR><BR>I&#039;m having problems with the topic "Creating the Web Application Project". I&#039;m <BR>supposed to create a C# or Visual Basic Web Application. So I clicked "Web <BR>Application" in the "New Project"-screen. All fine. But then I&#039;ve got to give a <BR>locationname. I&#039;ve got access to a webserver, but I don&#039;t know how to formulate <BR>the right location. I filled in a location like: http://192....../"submap"/ <BR>because that&#039;s the location of my webserver.<BR>The a pop-up screen shows me that it&#039;s trying to "create a new web". Then a error <BR>occurse which tells me that the web access failed. I&#039;m getting the choice to try <BR>to "open the project with a different path" or to "try to open the project with <BR>the FrontPage Server Extensions". Whichever option I chose, it gave me the same <BR>result. <BR><BR>Maybe I&#039;m doing something obvious wrong, but I would appreciate any response!<BR><BR>With regards and thanx in advance,<BR><BR>Gert-Jan Lasterie.<BR>.<BR><BR>