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    Hi, I am outputting to wml and I have a &#060;a href&#062; with a string attached e.g.<BR><BR>test.asp?n=12345678&where=cambridge <BR><BR>I was having trouble getting this to work on some phones. I thought it was the way I was writing the response.write, but after much testing I found that some phones (mitsubishi trium) don&#039;t like the & sign. How can I attach 2 strings without using &, I thought that I could maybe use another symbol and use inStr to seperate the two. But I dont know what other symbol or how to use inStr.<BR>

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    What symbol you use to delimit your data is really up to you. Just make sure that it is one that you will not need to pass in the query string. To seperate them later, use the Split function to turn them into an array. So if you were to use a , to delimit it, you would do this (just change the char in the split function to whatever you use):<BR><BR>test.asp?MyVals=12345678,cambridge<BR ><BR>MyVals=Request.QueryString("MyVals")<BR>MyArr ay=Split(MyVals,",")<BR>n = MyArray(0)<BR>where = MyArray(1)

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