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    ksn Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am not getting methods and properties of the objects after the dot as we used to get in VS6.0.<BR><BR>Example: Response. here we get all the methods and properties of Response object in VS6.0.Is it a Limitation in VS7.0 or do i need to give any references??<BR><BR>please help me..<BR>Thank in advance..<BR><BR>ksn<BR>

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    Decrypted Guest

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    If your talking about Intellisense (the drop box of amazing wonders after "." and "(") then you must be having some settings problems. VS.NET has a more extensive version of Intellisense than VS6.<BR>I don&#039;t know how to correct the problem, but check your settings, you&#039;ll prolly find something<BR>-Decrypted

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    ksn Guest

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    Hi<BR> Than Q very much,yeah i was asking about Intellisense in VS.NET<BR> but its working in VB.NET and C# but not working in ASP.NET.<BR> <BR>For Example :: I am not getting properties and methods of response object,server object,request object..etc..So what could be the reason for Intellisense to not work in ASP.NET when its working in VB.NET AND C#.<BR><BR>ksn

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