i need help regarding multiple window openings

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Thread: i need help regarding multiple window openings

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    Default i need help regarding multiple window openings

    within a window, i want to open multiple windows rather than opening it in a separate window

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    Default use frames

    Use a page with framesets in it.<BR>&#060;FRAMESET ROWS="50%,50%"&#062;<BR> &#060;FRAME SRC="Page1.htm"&#062;<BR> &#060;FRAME SRC="Page2.htm"&#062;<BR>&#060;/FRAMESET&#062;<BR>or have I missed the point.

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    Viz Guest

    Default correction

    thanx 4 u r reply.<BR><BR>i don&#039;t want to use the frames. instead, i need it within the html table layout where i can show for e.g google.com in one table, yahoo site in another table in a single page. each &every html table should work individually like a browser with refresh,minimize,close option.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Your available options

    &#062; Open a new window for each new site, simply use client-side Javascript to open a new window with a unique name for each window. These will float around the screen independantly but will not be &#039;contained&#039; by one window.<BR><BR>&#062; Use &#039;Layers&#039; (Netscape only - IE alt is DIV) and use the src=www.yahoo.com to position a web page as a separate layer on top of the parent page. <BR><BR>&#062; Use an ASP component such as ASPTear to retreive the individual web sites pages and place them in the table cells.<BR><BR><BR>Note: refresh,minimize,close will have to be handwritten by yourself for the last two options. Using frames would at least allow refresh.<BR>

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    viz Guest

    Default RE: Your available options

    Thank u very much.<BR><BR>

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