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    Hi. I am very new to ASP and database world so forgive me if this question sounds dumb.<BR>I have an Excel spread sheet file with data and I would like to make a web page with a search function where a user can come in and get information from the spread sheet. <BR>I&#039;ve read some place in MSDN that you can directly access an Excel file just like you would with Access DB. <BR><BR>My question is:<BR><BR>1. If you are using an Excel file, can you search and display necessary information based on the user&#039;s query?<BR><BR>2. If so, would it be better to convert an Excel file to Access DB then use Access DB instead?<BR><BR>I will have future data coming in Excel format so that means I would have to convert everytime I get an Excel file to Access if I am to use Access. <BR>By the way, once the file&#039;s on the web, no editing (adding, editing, or deleting) is necessary. It&#039;s for viewing purpose only.<BR><BR>Once again, it may sound stupi but I have no idea how to go about so any help would be appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Doug

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    A couple of things<BR>1) Do NOT use Excel as a data source. It is not up to the job<BR>2) If you really must, read this<BR>3) It is quite easy to get Excel data into an Acces database.

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