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    I have the following query <BR>SQLstr=" Select * from applicant " <BR>When i send this query as QueryString <BR>Explorer convert this in the following format <BR>http:result.asp?page=2&SQLstr=%20select%20*%20 from%20applicant_info%20&max=10 <BR>so when i open recordset this query in running properly <BR>But Netscape not inserting %20 in query <BR>and recordset not executing query <BR>How can i solve this problem <BR>

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    You can use Server.URLEncode to encode a string suitably for use in a querystring. However, I&#039;d strongly advise against passing raw SQL in the querystring, because a malicious user could modify that querystring to execute different commands (like "DELETE FROM applicant").<BR><BR>Dunc

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