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    I have read it that you can index your site pages across multiple hhosts using either the HTTP<BR>protocol or the filesystemobject.<BR>I have also read that he HTTP protocol method is the best way but if you cannot use it use the filesystem object method.<BR>How do I find out that my pws or IIS will not support the HTTP protocol method.<BR>Thanx.

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    if you are referring to the advice I gave you about using XMLHTTP, here is a summary:<BR><BR>You can still use FSO for the searches, but since FSO returns the unexecuted text and XMLHTTP will return the result of executing the scripts, I would think about using XMLHTTP to display the full results. This way your Replace() code will be run against the HTML only, and not the ASP scripts.<BR><BR>Still not perfect, but at least you are operating only on the final results and not the unexecuted stuff.

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