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    Am new to ASP and have just set up my VisStudio6.0 dev.<BR>environment.<BR>I&#039m experiencing performance problems right off the<BR>block in a few unexpected areas:<BR>a) Saving ".asp" files and retrieving them....pretty slow<BR>b) Execution of the server-side asp scripts from the browser...<BR> ...very, very slow.<BR><BR>My environment:<BR>WinNT4.0<BR>256M RAM<BR>IE5.0<BR>Server and Client are on the same machine.<BR><BR>I suspect the problem to be from my web-server setup.<BR>Personal web-server vs. IIS.<BR>Strangely, I do not know whether I am using PWS or IIS.<BR>1) How do I find out which I&#039m using?<BR>2) Does something give when I use PWS as against IIS?<BR>3) Am I totally missing something else?<BR><BR>Thanks very much, appreciate your time.

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    If you are running WinNT Server then you should be using IIS, and NT workstation will be running PWS. It sounds as if you are using PWS b/c IIS should not be that slow, judging by the specs of your machine. <BR><BR>PWS is much slower than IIS, and there isn&#039t much you can do, that I know of, to speed it up<BR>

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