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    Hi,<BR> I have a ASP file in which i am uploading files and in the same file i have other controls like textbox.When i submit the form I am not able to access the controls through request.form collections.<BR><BR>My application requires accessing the controls through request.from collection.Is there a way to do it?Kindly help me.it&#039;s urgent.<BR><BR>Rgds,<BR>Ahalya

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    Johnny Hughes Guest

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    In order to use the request.form the form method must be post ... for example:<BR><BR>&#060;FORM NAME="SelectMessenger" ACTION="Default.asp" METHOD="POST"&#062;<BR><BR><BR>if your method is not "POST" you can use requesy.querystring instead

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    Ahalya Guest

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    I am using Post method.Since I am creating an object for fileupload this is not working.I am able to access the control through the FileUpload Object. and not through Request.form collection.<BR><BR>If i use request.form i get an error like this (Request.BinaryRead failed)<BR><BR>Please Help me<BR><BR>Rgds,<BR>Ahalya.

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    dinas Guest

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    Ahalya I thing u should u use a third pary component <BR>such a asp upload which will solve ur problem <BR>Other wise u cant acces a the request.form collection <BR><BR><BR>

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