Can oracle webserver and ASP be on the same PC?

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Thread: Can oracle webserver and ASP be on the same PC?

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    Default Can oracle webserver and ASP be on the same PC?

    I am trying to learn how to use ASP to get data from an oracle database into my web pages. To learn this can I put the oracle webserver on the same machine (my personal one) that I am browsing from (and thus using to test if my ASP code works)? I have ASP that came with the Windows 2000 operating system I just installed. I know that an ASP engine that processes the ASP code needs to be involved so does that come included with the ASP that comes with Windows 2000 or is the engine something that has to come from somewhere else and run on another machine? I have been told that the oracle web server and the ASP need to reside on separate PC&#039;s but is this really necessary? I can&#039;t afford to buy a PC unless I have to to make this work. Also, if ASP and oracle can be on the same machine how does the web page know where to look for the ASP scripting engine? Also, does the ASP need to be on a server? I had tried to put oracle on an IIS server on my PC but that was a nightmare so I now just have oracle on its own server on my PC. Thank you for any help you can give me!<BR><BR>

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    Hi Heather I am not familiar with Oracle but I would imagine that as long as it also runs on Win2k which I am assuming it does then I don&#039;t see why not. If you can set up a System DSN on the actual pc running oracle then I really don&#039;t see why not.<BR><BR>Yes perhaps in the real world you don&#039;t want to run it on the same machine but for development purposes I somehow don&#039;t think you are at risk of bombing the World Bank account. <BR><BR>If in doubt then try it. Just back up your stuff first in case of problems. Better yet if you know of someone with Norton Ghost then ask them to make an image of your disk before you go ahead. That way you will be able to quickly recover your system should it not work.<BR><BR>Not a sure-fire answer I know but I try.<BR><BR>Dwane Lumley

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    Default RE: Can oracle webserver and ASP be on the same PC

    Here, where I work, we have Oracle and the intranet on the same server. The computer also works on top of that as a file server in the Novell network.<BR>So I herewith confirm, *it occurs in real world* !!<BR>And it works; slow, but it works. <BR>Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how the crap is set up as I only programmed a little bit within the intranet. Anyway, hope you can make use of this information<BR>BR<BR>W.

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