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    Harry Ragsdale Guest

    Default AutoNumber in an Access 2000 DB with ASP

    I am back again. I have my photo album working for the most part. However, I did hit one snag.<BR><BR>The script works fine as long as there are no more than 9 pictures in the database. Once 10 pictures are entered, the database lists them like this... : 1,10,11,12,2,3,4,5, etc....<BR><BR>What is happening is that when I am going through the pictures on the website, the first picture has the "NEXT" arrow like it is supposed to. When I click on it, it takes me to the second picture, which is what I want. However, once I view the second picture, there is no "Next" arrow. There is only a "Back" arrow. Essentially, when I start with the beginning picture, I can only look at the first two.<BR><BR>For an example, got to this URL:<BR><BR>Once there, click on Days Of The New. Notice that the database only contains 5 photos. If you click on any one of the images, it works perfectly.<BR><BR>Now, go back to <BR><BR>Now, click on Everlast. Notice that in this database, I have a total of 16 photos. If you click on one of the middle photos, you will see what is happening. <BR><BR>When you look at a big photo on my website, they "KEY" that is generated is a number in the database. The number is in the field "ID". I was thinking of setting this field to AutoNumber. However when I tried this, I got a weird error. I know that the code is not wrong because once I perfected the code, I rehashed it for every single band. All I had to change was the name of the database and the rest worked. <BR><BR>What is going on here? Please tell me you know what is wrong. I am almost done with this project and am ready to get it off the ground.<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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    Johnny Hughes Guest

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    The problem is that you are using a Character vice a Number field for your numbers.<BR><BR>As characters, the numbers are put in alphabetical order...and in alphabetical order, the number 11 does fall between 1 and 2 (just like AB falls between AA and AC).<BR>

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