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    can a form has multiple submit buttons...<BR>I have a form with two buttons that need to do 2 differnet js validation and then submit the page to two differnet asp pages <BR><BR>any how can I do it

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    Why nto just call diff functions in the onclick event for each of them<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    yes u can have two submit buttons but in ur sutiation <BR>u want 2 differnt JS validations u cant have have two submit buttons becuse the when the button is clicked the form is submitten<BR><BR>so what u do is have two odinary buttons <BR>and call the resective functions form the onClick event of the button and in the last line of the js function <BR>chage the action of the form tag <BR>ex<BR>document.frmname.action = " "<BR>document.frmname.submit

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