The new 4guys article "A Text-based Search Engine" provides a nice example of using the FileSystemObject (FSO) to keyword-search a website and deliver back hyperlinked filenames based on the keywords. The code is nice and clean, very useful.<BR><BR><BR><BR>What I&#039m would one go the extra step here and modify the script to deliver back files names AND HTML page titles! Now this would be REALLY useful. I racked my brains over this last evening and could not see how to do it with the FSO, which seems only to deal with file attributes.<BR><BR>I know how the HTML code will look, two-column table display of filenames and HTML page titles, but I can&#039t figure out how to extract the HTML &#060;title&#062; during search process.<BR><BR>Anyone got an idea?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Nussbaum<BR><BR><BR><B R><BR>