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    Joe Miller Guest

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    I am able to display a &#039;GIF&#039; file image on a website in the<BR>standard simple way using ActiveX and a User Control.<BR><BR>However I have not be able to do a slightly more complicated<BR>but essentially same thing (i.e.) display a line on a graph<BR>whose x and y coordinates are calculated at the time of<BR>graph display. Any book, article, recommendation,<BR>suggestion, help, comment, etc. will be much appreciated.<BR><BR>I think it must be just a very minor but crucial step which<BR>I am not performing to create the control for the &#039;dynamic&#039;<BR>graph.

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    dinas Guest

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    i think u can use the office 2000 component <BR>u can fine help in asp101 there is a article which explains how to do it

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